What are the applications of Lead Metals ?

Lead Metals can be used in a variety of applications, including:
– Battery manufacturing: Lead Metals are commonly used in the production of lead-acid batteries for automotive, marine, and industrial applications.
– Radiation shielding: Due to its high density, lead is an effective material for shielding against radiation. Lead Metals can be used in the construction of radiation shielding facilities and equipment.

– Construction: Lead Metal is commonly used as a component in building materials such as roofing, flashing, and gutters.
– Ammunition: Lead Metal is used in the production of ammunition for firearms.
– Fishing sinkers: Fishing sinkers are often made of lead due to its high density, which helps the sinker to sink quickly to the bottom.
– Ballast: Lead is used as ballast in ships and other vehicles to improve stability and balance.

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