What We Buy

Lead Scraps

SPI alloys is committed towards responsible recycling & interested to on board new sourcing partners across the world. We import all types of lead scrap as below.
  • Lead acid batteries ( ISRI : Rains )
  • Lead batteries scrap ( ISRI : Rink )
  • Lead scraps- (ISRI : Radio )
  • Lead solders
  • Lead ores / Concentrate
  • Remelted Lead / bullions / blocks / ingots

About Recycling Process

What We Recycle

Closed Loop Recycle

In the pursuit of a more sustainable and circular economy, industries are increasingly embracing the recycling of various materials. The recycling of lead products and plastic granules can work synergistically to enhance sustainability efforts.

For example, in lead-acid battery recycling, plastic components, such as battery casings, are separated and recycled alongside lead based components. This integrated approach ensures that both materials are efficiently processed and reused, maximizing resource recovery and minimizing waste and protect the environment from hazardous waste.

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committed to delivering consistent, and quality products.
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