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Lead Products

At SPI, we manufacture the finest grade of refined lead and lead alloys. With the help of our in-house advanced (AAS) atomic absorption spectrometer and (OES) optical emission spectrometer, the company specializes in producing ultra pure lead with purity levels ranging from 99.97% to 99.99% and lead based alloys as specified below.

  • Pure lead (99.97% – 99.99%)
  • Lead Calcium Alloys
  • Lead Antimony Alloys
  • Lead alloys
  • Lead Tin Alloys
  • Lead oxides
  • Refined lead
  • Remelted lead

Plastic Products

Recycling plastic products into plastic granules is a crucial step in the circular economy, as it allows for the reuse of plastic waste to create new products. Plastic granules, also known as plastic pellets, serve as the raw material for various manufacturing processes.


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