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A World-Class Recycling Company Treasuring
The Value Of People & Resource

Company History

About Company

Since its establishment in 2002, SPI group has turned into a world class recycling company treasuring the values of people and resources and continues to grow rapidly into the future emerging markets.

Our state-of-the-art recycling processes and adhering to strict environmental standards, we effectively extract lead reducing the demand for primary lead extraction and conserving valuable resources.

We are the most trusted recycler with focus on environment , improvement, consistency and innovation.


Expertise in Recycling Lead Scraps To Produce Lead Ingots

The company has registered as CAGR growth over 20 percent over past 5 years. Our annual turn-over is over 100 million US dollars. With more than 20 years of experience the business rapidly grew to annual capacity of 50,000 metric tons and our plant is one of the largest lead refining plants in India.

We are working on overseas expansion in the domain of lead.

  • Responsible recycling company
  • International recognized brand
  • Clients across the globe

Our Team

Our skilled and experienced team plays a crucial role in setting goals, making key decisions, managing finances, and ensuring the organization's success.

With strong leadership, strategic thinking, and effective communication skills, Managing Director Vaira Muthu guides the company towards growth, profitability, and sustainable success. His leadership trusted to lead and motivate employees, build relationships with stakeholders, and navigate challenges in a dynamic business environment.

Our Vision

To be a World-Class Recycling & most trusted company treasuring the value of people, resources and continue to grow rapidly into future emerging market.

Environmental, Economic & Human Advancement

We have a group of devoted experts who are enthusiastic about the Lead and Plastic technology, as well as application specialists whose wealth of knowledge in various furnaces is a clear benefit for customers. Our operational practises and services are customer-focused, and this has enabled SPI Group to carve out a niche in the highly competitive global market.


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